Flight Crew Scheduler Jobs


The job of crew scheduler is relatively straightforward. People in this position are responsible for coordinating the workers needed to ensure that a flight gets to where it needs to go. If a flight is delayed due to weather or mechanical difficulties, it is the crew scheduler’s responsibility to make sure adjustments are made in the schedule so that travelers still get to their destination in a reasonable period of time.

Crew schedulers also consult seniority lists and time-off requests when scheduling flight crews.


Because of the nature of the job, crew schedulers must at times operate under stress. When a flight is delayed or canceled, it is the job of the crew scheduler to make the best out of a less-than-ideal situation. They must also be diplomatic when it comes to making decisions concerning which crew members take which shift. Sick days, vacation days, in-flight quotas, and seniority all must be taken into account when scheduling a crew for a flight. It is also the responsibility of the crew scheduler to coordinate an aircraft’s flying time with required maintenance and repair schedules. Inquire directly with an airline for more information.


Salaries vary depending upon experience, job location, and the employer. But here is a look at typical pay ranges:


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