recession-proof jobs

Check it out, folks. The JobMonkey has just added yet another fact-filled, in-depth section to its homepage — this one is about health care jobs. One of the hottest job markets at the moment, health care jobs are a great way to achieve three of the most common career planning aims: High salaries Job Security […]

Business Week ran a fascinating article a few weeks ago about how to find a job during America’s economic recovery. As I’ve long been harping on here at the JobMonkey, the earliest growth will be in one of four fields: health care, education, government employment, and green business. In fact, these four fields have been […]

Newsweek online has a great piece this week about ten recession-proof careers.  Here’s a look at four of the job fields that are still hiring (Halleluyah!) and links to corresponding sections about these career options from JobMonkey. 1) Security Jobs with the Defense Department and America’s Homeland Security are on the rise. According to a […]

The news hasn’t been good for weeks, but today America’s job market reached an all-time low. CNN reported this afternoon that 71,400 jobs were lost today. That’s the single highest job loss day since 1945. The companies affected include: – Catepillar, which is cutting 20,000 jobs – Drug-maker Pfizer, which is reducing its workforce by […]

Recession, economic downturn, depression.  Call it what you want, but there is no doubt that this is not a great time to be looking for a new job.  While unemployment figures have yet to pass into the double digits (with the exception of the hardest-hit communities in states like Michigan), companies are focused these days […]

Every Thursday, I spotlight a different career path. Given the job crunch that so many of us are experiencing, I’m doing my best to pick areas that are and will continue to be in high demand. Nothing can be 100 percent recession proof, but our Thursday spotlights are areas that still offer a lot of […]