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How to Built Connections &
Off the Grid Jobs

Technology has changed the way we connect with the world, but it can be a hassle. This week we look into being too connected. We also have 8 reasons to change jobs and jobs that get you "off the grid"? If you're looking for your next gig, check out the coolest jobs of the week. Enjoy!


Career Adviser: Get Connected
Spotlight: Off the Grid Jobs
Advice Spot: 8 Reasons to Change Jobs
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CAREER ADVISER: How Connected Are You?

by Derek Lennon

How many ways can you connect to the Internet? How many times per day do you check your emails? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Smartphones and WiFi are just about everywhere. We can access all sorts of information with a few taps of a button. Today we are more connected to the world than we have ever been before. But is it a good thing?

Connectedness is a relatively new phenomenon and as a workforce we have to adjust. The problem is that when we are always connected, we are expected to be available. This can be stressful. Do you have a boss that expects speedy responses at any hour? It can be annoying. Do you really want to be handling work emails and texts 24 hours a day? Didn't think so.

It is important to establish boundaries to avoid burnout. If your boss expects emails to be answered within a half hour at any time of day, you'll have to rearrange your schedule to be near wifi and constantly checking your smartphone. You'll have no down time.

The majority of us are not paid to be connected when the workday ends, even if it is expected. Be aware of how often you check-in.

Your personal time and space are important. Some companies, like Volkswagen, only connect with their employees a half hour before and after work (and obviously during the work day). This is a great arrangement because it creates a happier, more productive work force.

If you're sick of being connected, maybe it's time to find a new cool career.

SPOTLIGHT: Off the Grid Jobs

Do you want to get off the grid? There are lots of ways to earn a paycheck without constant connectivity. Here are a few:

  • Wilderness Trip Leader - These jobs can take you to remote mountains, distant deserts, wild rivers, or unexplored jungles. Outdoor adventure companies organize and lead trips to some of the most remote parts of the world. Trips can last a week to several months.
  • Park Ranger - The National Park Service stations park rangers in campsites, visitor centers, and remote outposts. They maintain trails, spot wildfires, and deal with park visitors. Plus, they get to work in beautiful and protected places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, or Denali.
  • Tree Planter - Planting trees is demanding, physical work, but it is also very satisfying. Tree planters camp deep in the woods and replace the trees that have been chopped down by loggers.
  • Volunteering Abroad - Volunteering abroad can take you just about anywhere to do anything. Choose your volunteer position according to your interests. You may find yourself in Nepal, Mexico, Iceland, Zimbabwe, or the Caribbean.
  • Adventure Film Maker - The jaw-dropping films you see on television, were made by an adventure filmmaker. He documents the amazing feats that people accomplish all over the globe by creating films of mountaineers, mountain bikers, explorers, or just about anything else - adventure filmmakers bring the off the grid world to your home.

Leave your smartphone and Facebook behind. Search for a job that gets you out of the concrete jungle and off the grid. Find one on the job board and apply today.

ADVICE SPOT: 8 Reasons to Change Jobs

Have you ever considered changing careers? It can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Switching jobs is a major life moment, but as long as it's a positive change, it will be totally worth it.

How do you know it is the right time to switch jobs? Below are 8 reasons to start looking for a cool job:

  • Job burnout
  • Financially stuck
  • Work seems like a chore
  • Major life changes
  • Bored at work
  • Relocating
  • Promotions are unlikely
  • Pursuing your dreams

There are plenty of reasons to change jobs. The important thing is to find a job that makes you smile. Changing careers will take a bit of adjusting and it can be challenging to change your habits and ways. Remember if you make a switch, you can always go back, but if you don't try something, you will never know if it was right for you.

Research jobs on JobMonkey and then start your job search on the job board. At the very least explore your options, it may be the best thing you ever do.

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