July 14, 2015

Link Love: Your Weekly Reading List


Millions of blog posts and articles are written every day. It would be a full time job to keep up with everything that’s published online. So how do you know what to read?

There’s plenty of junk to sort through, but there’s also some high quality job focused articles out there that you need to read. Luckily, JobMonkey is focused on this cool niche. We always get excited when we stumble upon a new job related post that we can share with you.

Here are a handful of cool posts and blogs that you need to add to your weekly reading list:

Add these posts to your weekly reading list. Bookmark the blogs and check back regularly for more interesting content.

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The Internet is a fantastic resource for everyone. If you find one of your posts listed in our Link Love sections, be sure to return the favor and show us some link love too! Let’s grow the job advice community together.

About this Author 

Derek Lennon is a skier and writer who lives, works, and plays in the mountains. He travels the globe in search of snow and adventure. Life has allowed him to live and work all over the world doing cool jobs and loving every minute of it.

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