Land Based Tour Guide Jobs

Working in the tour business pays well, comes with many perks, and can be a ton of fun. Many people become tour guides when they’re in college, working for cruise lines and tour operators seasonally. The jobs usually come with a base wage plus tips and perhaps even travel benefits and discounts from vendors on the tour route. Guiding is also great for retirees. It’s a profession that can be done locally – in some places – or far from home.

Here we give you an overview of the industry, descriptions of the common tour guide jobs, and much more – including access to new job listings!

If you’re really interested in guiding full time – or just want to do it seasonally or on the side – then you’ve come to the right place. JobMonkey gives you the inside scoop on working in the tour business! Below you’ll find just a handful of the most popular pages in this section.

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Tour Guiding Overview

Becoming a tour guide is a great idea! Guiding is great for recent college grads, retirees, and adventure lovers. Here’s a primer.

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How to Get Hired

Almost anyone can make money as a tour guide. But a strategy and certain skills are required! Get the job search scoop in this section.

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Types of Guides

Do you want to work for a tour operator or start your own guiding business? Both options are doable! Check out these guiding options.

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Search for a Travel Job

Find the latest tour and travel jobs on JobMonkey and around the Web. See our list of employers and search the latest openings here.

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