Make Money Doing Odd Jobs On-Demand

What tasks do you hate doing? Are there any small jobs that you just can’t be bothered to do? If you could pay someone to do all of the odd jobs that you don’t have time for, would you? If so, it’s time to download some apps.

The shared economy, aka the gig economy, has the answer do your odd job woes. The world of odd jobs on-demand is the solution to your lengthy to-do list. In this shared economy niche, people rent themselves out to perform tasks for others.

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No task is too ridiculous for a shared economy worker in this niche. They are happy to wait in line, take your recycling out, make your meals, help you pull pranks, plan events, be your bartender, make deliveries, clean your attic, organize your pantry, build a playground, fix a squeaky door, weed the yard, buy you a latte, walk your dog, research your book, assemble your furniture, wash your car, take a photo of a street sign, or do anything else you can think of.

Literally, anything you need done can now be completed by an eager shared economy worker who has been screened, interviewed, and approved by a reputable odd job company like Gigwalk, Taskrabbit, Handy, Zaarly, Mechanical Turk, or one of the many other on-demand businesses in the shared economy.

With the shared economy, you have on-demand access to a local and a global workforce. When you need something done around the house, contact a local tasker. If you need something done on the other side of the world, create a task online and it will be completed for you. With this niche, you have access to an entire world of smartphone savvy workers who want to work for you.

Odd job businesses connect consumers with taskers via mobile and online platforms. First, a consumer creates a task or a gig that needs to be completed. Next taskers bid on the job. The consumer can read the bidder’s profile to learn more about their skills, read past reviews, and select the best person for the job. Usually, the lowest bid wins and it’s a competitive marketplace.

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Once the task is awarded to a keen bidder that person can coordinate with the consumer via the app to determine where to meet, what to do, and any other important details if necessary. When the task is completed, both parties rank each other, which helps to build their online reputation. Then the gig economy company finalizes the financial transaction.

The company acts as the matchmaker between the consumer and the tasker. It’s a thriving business model that utilizes independent contractors to get the job done. These independent contractors get paid to work when they want to work. As long as they treat their smartphone like their “boss,” they can take advantage of this lucrative online marketplace for odd jobs. It’s the ultimate flexible gig. Plus, it saves consumers time and money.

When a tasker utilizes the infrastructure supplied by the company, checks their smartphone regularly, and does a high-quality job, they can easily make a living in this niche. It’s basically a cookie-cutter recipe to build your own business and become a micro-entrepreneur. You can make a lucrative living in the shared economy or just pick up a few odd jobs here and there. That’s the beauty of the on-demand odd jobs niche.

On average, on-demand odd jobs pay about $15 per hour. Some companies pay out a few bucks for the completion of a micro-task like taking a photo of a menu. Others pay hourly rates for larger multi-hour jobs. For a driven person, it’s not unheard of to make $6,000 to $7,000 per month. Some taskers have made six-figure annual salaries. How much you make depends on how hard and how often you want to work.

At the end of the day, this multi-million dollar niche benefits everyone. It’s helping consumers to save money and time. It’s putting people like you to work doing the things you are skilled to do. If you’re not taking advantage of this moneymaking platform, sign up today. Your next paycheck may only be a few taps of a smartphone app away.

Quick Facts About On-Demand Odd Jobs

Job Title: Odd Job Tasker, Gigwalker, TaskRabbit
Office: Anywhere
Location: Anywhere
Description: Help people do just about anything
Requirements: Background Check, Skills and Abilities, Smartphone
Potential Employers: On-Demand Odd Job Companies
Pay: Set amount per task or a set hourly rate

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