Working Abroad

Many of the jobs profiled on JobMonkey are of the more adventurous sort, and hold work abroad possibilities: teaching English in Asia or Europe; cruise ship jobs; participating in an overseas volunteer program; and working on offshore oil rigs. Those are just a few topics covered in other sections of JobMonkey. If any of those overseas employment opportunities are of interest to you, then you’ll want to bookmark our Working Abroad section and use it as a reference.

Aerial View Of Stockholm, Sweden Photo

Everything you want to know about working abroad is in the pages that follow, including where to go, advice for working in certain countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and elsewhere.

There are lots of expat employment resources as well. Are you looking for an agency to help place you into a job abroad? If yes, then we have a list of work abroad programs you can use.

Some of the most important information you’ll find here relates to preparing yourself to go abroad and making the most of your work abroad experience. It doesn’t matter if you plan to teach English in Asia or start a travel blog and work odd jobs in Bali, our section on working abroad is sure to provide useful tips and resources. There’s even a section on working in Moscow, Russia!

We have interviewed several people who have significant experience as expats living in foreign countries. You’ll find their advice very helpful.

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