Truck Driving Jobs Overview

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Few industries need workers like the trucking and freight industry needs workers. For years there has been a shortage of truck drivers, so employers have been advertising relentlessly, coming up with perks to attract drivers, and sometimes offering to pay for CDL training.

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If driving isn’t in the cards, then know that transportation companies are also seeking diesel mechanics, logistics specialists, and offer many other types of jobs too. Use JobMonkey to find the latest open jobs, learn about leading trucking companies, and why this industry could be the one for you.

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Trucking Industry Overview

Not sure whether you’re cut out for truck driving work? Get educated right now! Learn about the driver shortage, pay, and what the work is truly like.

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Top Employer Profiles

The quality of your employer helps determine whether you like or hate the job! Check out JobMonkey’s trucking employer directory and profiles.

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Types of Driving Jobs

There are all kinds of driving positions – delivery trucks, logging and hazardous material transport jobs, even risky jobs in dangerous locations!

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Jobs Associated with Trucking

It takes an army to keep the transportation and freight business running. Don’t want to drive? Check out other opportunities that suit you better.

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