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JobMonkey is where you’ll find cool jobs. What’s your dream position? Maybe you want to work on a cruise ship or at a beach resort in Hawaii. If you’re looking for a seasonal job consider summer camps, dude ranches, or in the winter a ski resort! Here’s an alphabetically organized list of employment categories you’ll find on JobMonkey!

Airline & Airport Jobs: Flight crew, reservations, in-flight security, aviation support industries, and airport staff jobs.

Alaska Fishing Jobs: Alaska fishing industry – Cannery, processing plant, fishing boat & deckhand jobs. We cover all fishing industries including salmon, halibut, groundfish and crab jobs. Hard work and great pay!

Alaska Summer Jobs: Alaska offers lots of other great summer jobs besides jobs in the fishing industry. Learn about Alaska lodge jobs, rafting jobs, forest service jobs, etc.

Animal Jobs: Working with animals is a lifelong dream for many. Learn how to become a veterinarian, zookeeper, professional dog walker, or to find work with an animal rescue operation. Dozens of animal jobs are profiled.

Aquaculture Jobs: Find work in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. The volume of farm-raised fish and seafood is growing globally. Get the scoop on dozens of jobs and search current openings.

Archaeology Jobs: Become an archaeologist. Explore career paths in archaeology, from government work to specialties including bioarchaeology and underwater archaeology.

Banking Jobs: Get to know the many career paths in banking and finance! From bank teller jobs to investment and mortgage banking positions – find jobs you qualify for today.

Best Companies to Work For: List of top companies, jobs with great perks and benefits, and more.

Broadcasting Jobs: Learn about radio and television broadcasting career options, including on-air and post-production jobs. Audio engineering, scriptwriting, producing, directing, and even Internet podcasting.

Casinos & Gaming Jobs: Casino and casino industry jobs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and at the hundreds of Native American casinos across the United States.

Chef Career: Guide to Chef jobs and cooking career opportunities with information about chef schools, job descriptions, and pay scales. Careers ranging from catering and short-order cook to sous and head chef.

Collections Jobs: The debt collections industry is growing, and presents many employment opportunities. From jobs with collection agencies to commercial and medical bill collections. Explore the opportunities, learn the laws, get salary info, and more.

Cosmetology Jobs: Work as a cosmetologist in a spa or salon. Learn about cutting hair, styling, hair colorist, and esthetician jobs. Cosmetology school info and career path overview.

Cruise Ship Jobs: Jobs on large and small cruise ships, luxury yachts, and riverboats. Cruise ship jobs offer a great way to travel the world and get paid! Find out insider tips on finding the best cruise line jobs.

Dance Jobs: Launch a career in dance. Work as a dance teacher, choreographer, professional dancer, or dance fitness instructor. Learn about common types of dance and how to find dance industry employment.

Dietitian Jobs: Explore nutritionist and dietitian careers including sports nutrition, corporate wellness, and holistic nutrition jobs. Learn about certifications, licensure, and degree programs. Search dietitian job board.

Diving Jobs: Learn how to get a SCUBA diving job in the US or abroad.

Driveaway: Get paid to transport an auto or RV cross country. Learn where to find auto driveaway jobs.

Dude Ranch Jobs: Ever consider working on a dude ranch? Our new Dude Ranch Jobs section will help you decide if this is the right job for you and guide you on how to get a job.

ESL Jobs: Learn about teaching English as a Second Language abroad and in the U.S. TESL career guide includes what to expect, certification requirements, and advice for landing an ESL job.

Europe Jobs: Find employment in Western, Eastern, and Central Europe teaching English, working in the tourism, oil, and mining, or even agricultural industries. Explore jobs on cruise ships and learn the ins and outs of work permits and visas.

Event Jobs: Get the scoop on how to work at cool music and sporting event worldwide, from the Olympics and FIFA World Cup to Bonnaroo and Glastonbury music festival jobs and volunteer opportunities.

Faith Jobs: Find work associated with your religious beliefs and faith. Guide to church jobs including clergy careers, faith-related teaching and counseling jobs, and missionary work abroad.

Farming Jobs: Find work in the farming and agriculture industries – from cattle and poultry farm jobs to apiaries and algae. Overview of opportunities & job board.

Federal Government Jobs: Discover how to start a government career, including FBI and CIA jobs, federal law enforcement, postal service jobs, plus aviation-oriented employment with the FAA, NTSB, and TSA.

Firefighter Jobs: Few careers are as rewarding as firefighting, from fighting forest fires and volunteer firefighting to EMT jobs. Get the scoop on firefighter training and required exams too.

Franchise Businesses: Compare all kinds of franchise opportunities, from pizza and ice cream franchises to work from home franchises. Dozens of franchise profiles including start-up costs and more.

Green Collar Jobs: What is a green-collar job? Find out! Environmental job trends, green energy jobs in the wind and solar sectors, plus environmental law and green science employment opportunities.

Healthcare Jobs: The healthcare industry needs more qualified workers. Find hot healthcare job profiles, from medical technology and caregiver jobs to mental health careers.

High Paying Jobs: Find a six-figure career opportunity. Learn about high salary job options including education requirements, responsibilities, and more.

Horticulture Jobs: The fields of horticulture and botany are diverse – job opportunities are many! Explore dozens of plant and landscape related career paths. If you have a green thumb, then this work’s for you.

How To Jobs: How do you become a zoologist or a professional actor or interior designer? Find the answers here. Job profiles include typical responsibilities, related associations, and pay info.

Internships: Find your way to unpaid and paid internship opportunities, including summer internships for college students, medical internships, and more. Learn what it’s like to be an intern and how to maximize the experience.

Land Tour Jobs: Land tour and tour guide summer jobs on buses, trains and more. Entry level. Worldwide.

Law Enforcement Jobs: Get the scoop on federal and local law enforcement jobs. From FBI, CIA, and DEA Agent careers to K9 and police officer jobs – and more. Pay and training information too.

Makeup Jobs: Become a professional makeup artist. Learn about makeup jobs in the film and TV industries as well as other makeup employment opportunities. Includes training and education advice.

Maritime Jobs: Learn about the maritime industry and workboat jobs worldwide. Maritime jobs offer excellent pay and career advancement opportunities! Tugboats, container ships, merchant marines, cruise ships, and more offshore jobs.

Modeling Jobs: Discover how to become a fashion model working runways and catwalks, and about modeling agent jobs, photographer careers, and other employment opportunities in the modeling industry.

Museum Jobs: Discover museum careers. Explore the museum business inside and out from museum operations to staffing practices. Get expert museum job search tips, directory of associations, & job descriptions.

Music and Film Jobs: Ever dream of an exciting job in either the music industry or film industry? We show you how.

Mystery Shoppers: Mystery shopping jobs are a great way to earn a living or extra income. Many work from home. Learn what a mystery shopper does and about related market research careers.

Nanny Jobs: Learn about nanny, au pair, and other childcare worker jobs worldwide. Get information about nanny placement agencies, find out what nannies do, and how to be a successful childcare provider.

Natural Energy Jobs: Green careers in the natural energy field are hot. Discover wind and solar power job opportunities as well as other renewable and clean energy career paths. Search energy job postings.

Non-Profit Jobs: Employment opportunities abound in the non-profit sector. Learn how to start your own non-profit 501c3 or work for an established non-profit. Overview of non-profit operations, types of jobs, compensation info, and current vacancies.

Nursing Jobs: Nurses are in huge demand. There is an ongoing shortage of nurses. There hasn’t been a better time to be looking for a nursing job.

Oil and Gas Jobs: Oil rig jobs, oil pipeline jobs, oil sands jobs, and other energy-related employment in the U.S. and abroad. Also, includes Alaska natural gas pipeline job info.

Outdoor Jobs: National Park jobs, State Park jobs, also summer jobs in forests, wildlife areas, outdoor organizations, and at park concessionaires.

Overseas Volunteering Jobs: International volunteering is popular in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Volunteer jobs include disaster relief, conservation, and youth volunteering. Learn about short- and long-term volunteer programs overseas.

Paralegal Jobs: You don’t have to be a lawyer to work in a law firm. Become a paralegal – also known as a legal assistant. Understand training options, overview of similar positions, and tips for getting a foot in the door.

Photography Jobs: Launch a career in photography! Advertising, fashion, sports, events including weddings, and more. Freelance and in-house jobs. Search open jobs.

Pyrotechnic Jobs: Find out how to become a licensed commercial pyrotechnician. Learn about fireworks display training, transporting hazardous materials, and more.

Rafting Jobs: The inside scoop on working as a whitewater rafting guide or kayak guide or instructor. Learn how to get training and certifications, plus where to find river raft work.

Railroad Jobs: Guide to careers in the railway industry, from locomotive engineers and conductors to brakemen and signalers. Railroad employer profiles and pay information.

Reality TV Casting: Discover the secrets to getting on game shows and becoming a reality television show contestant. Application tips, interviews, and overview of the industry.

Real Estate Jobs: Find out about real estate agent jobs, and careers with brokerages and in property management. Real estate license exam information and insider tips for new agents.

Resort Jobs: Beach resort, mountain lodge, and other resort jobs in the US and abroad.

Retail Jobs: Careers in the retail industry can be rewarding, and range from sales and customer service to retail management, buying, and merchandising! The retail industry is always recruiting for in-store and corporate positions.

Security Jobs: Become a security guard, work for the Department of Homeland Security, or overseas in Iraq or another high-risk region. Explore dozens of security-related careers.

Shared Economy / Gig Economy: Learn about the great new job opportunities created by the new shared economy companies. These include Ridesharing, Delivery Services, Pet Sitting, On-demand Moving, etc.

Ski Resort Jobs: How to be a paid ski or snowboard bum at one of North America’s top ski resorts.

Sports Jobs: Sports industry jobs and careers, including coaching jobs, health and fitness jobs, journalism and broadcast positions and many more! The section covers sports jobs from the professional sports level all the way down to opportunities at high schools and elementary schools.

Sports Coaching Jobs: Work in sports as a coach! From youth and club level coaching to high school, college, and professional positions.

Study Abroad: If you are considering studying abroad, check out our list of the top study abroad programs in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Summer Camp Jobs: Working at a summer camp is a great way to spend a summer. Find your perfect summer camp job!

Summer Employment: The coolest summer jobs for college students, retirees, teachers – anyone! Explore the possibilities of working in Alaska, as a tour guide, on a cruise ship, or at an amusement park.

Teach Abroad: Teach basic, conversational English in Asia, Greece or Eastern Europe. No previous experience or teaching degree needed for many positions. A good way to travel overseas and make great money.

Teacher Jobs: Break into the education field as a teacher, administrator, or classified staff member. Learn about the types of schools, how to become a teacher, and about employment ranging from school psychologists and speech and language pathologists to principal positions.

Theme Park Jobs: Work at a theme park or amusement park. These employers have thousands of great summer jobs.

Translating Jobs: Translators and language interpreters are in demand and jobs exist worldwide. Learn about the business including freelance jobs, types of translation opportunities, and related degrees and certifications.

Treeplanting Jobs: Launch a career in forestry or get a seasonal tree planting job in the U.S. or Canada. Learn about reforestation jobs, urban forestry, and forest firefighting employment opportunities.

Truck Driving Jobs: Thousands of truck drivers are needed to fill open positions. Truck driving jobs offer an interesting lifestyle with great earning potential.

Unique Jobs: We uncover some of the coolest and most unique jobs that you may actually consider doing. Check out these unique jobs as they are some of the first that we profiled and also some of the most popular.

We have been uncovering a lot of really cool unique jobs, so we have also broken the listings into four additional sections.

Video Jobs: The number of paying job opportunities for camera operators and videographers is growing. Find video jobs online, in film and TV, and with news organizations.

Video Game Jobs: Learn how to get a job in the video game industry. Includes video game design jobs, video game testers, marketers and game developers, etc. Find your dream job in the booming video game industry.

Wine Jobs: Get a job in the growing wine industry. Tasting room and winemaking jobs, sommelier, and vineyard jobs. Learn where to find winery employment and even internships.

Work from Home (WFH) – Work from Anywhere (WFA): Due to COVID-19, companies allowing employees to Work from Home in 2020 boomed out of necessity. Now many of these companies have decided to offer this as a permanent long-term option that has opened the door to work for these companies from anywhere in the world that you desire (Work from Anywhere (WFA).

In addition, Home-based business opportunities abound, in large part thanks to the Internet. Working from home could mean freelance writing for blogs, selling on eBay, mystery shopping, or home-based data entry. Learn how to get started.

Work Abroad: Find out how to work abroad from experienced expats. Learn the best ways to find cheap accommodations, arrange transportation, and get work visas and work permits. Plus, work abroad links and resources.

Writing Jobs: Freelance blogging, creating eBooks and other writing projects for the Web. Find out how to be a professional contract writer as a full-time career or side job working from home.

Yoga Jobs: Teach yoga! From teacher training programs to starting your own yoga studio, learn everything possible to find rewarding opportunities. Become an instructor using invaluable professional advice.

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