On-Demand Delivery Jobs

Life is hectic. Everyone is busy juggling crazy schedules. Between work, play, kids, exercise, and all those other things it’s easy to run out of time. Do you ever find that you don’t have enough time in the day to do the little things like make dinner, go to the grocery store, or run errands? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have those things delivered? Well, there are apps for that.

The world is quickly embracing the luxury and convenience of on-demand delivery services that utilize the shared economy business model. On-demand delivery services operate in a similar fashion to ridesharing businesses and they are rapidly growing in popularity – especially in major metropolitan areas. All it takes is a smartphone and an eager, flexible workforce and customers can have anything they want delivered.

Using Instracart in the Kitchen to Order Veggies

On-demand delivery companies connect customers with couriers to handle urban logistics. Whenever a customer has a craving for something they can open an app and request it. Once requested, a responsible, friendly courier accepts the request. Then using smartphone technology she heads to the necessary stores, collects the items, pays with a pre-paid company debit card, and delivers it via car, bike, or scooter to the customer. The delivery company handles all monetary transactions and collects a small commission on each delivery.

Customers can request virtually anything – flowers, ice cream, groceries, shampoo, iPads, dinner, even furniture. As long it’s sold by a local store it can be magically delivered. The entire business is built on providing instant gratification to customers, but it does a lot more than that!

On-demand delivery services allow people to obtain the things they need from each other. They no longer have to rely on big businesses and online shopping. Now they can select exactly what they want and a personal courier will hand-select the best item for them and bring it to their door. They don’t even have to leave the comfort of their couch. It completely simplifies life, but it also mass creates jobs.

Besides providing one of the most convenient services on Earth, on-demand delivery companies have to supply a fleet of eager, responsible, and guest service oriented couriers to meet demand. These couriers apply for jobs online and work as independent contractors to provide delivery services.

As a courier for an on-demand delivery company, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want. With a bit of entrepreneurial drive, you can work full-time as a courier or you can choose to work part-time, odd hours, during your lunch break, over the weekend, or whenever you want. That’s the cool thing about any shared economy job. It’s totally flexible.

Apply for on-demand delivery jobs online via the company’s website. You can find jobs with PostMates, Instacart, Uber Eats, Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Blue Apron, or countless others. They all specialize in slightly different niches – groceries, fuel, meals, online packages, etc. Find one that is popular in your area and sign up. Or better yet, sign up for multiple companies to expand your “work” options. Be sure to check in regularly because these companies are always expanding both domestically and internationally.

To land a courier job you need to be at least 18 years old, have your own mode of transportation (car, truck, bike, scooter), complete a background check, attend the appropriate training, and have a smartphone. If you meet the requirements and you get a job as an on-demand delivery courier, it’s up to you to set your own schedule and get to work.

On-demand couriers can make upwards of $25 per hour plus tips. Most couriers are paid weekly. It’s a pretty awesome way to collect a paycheck. Your actual job title will depend on what company you work for. You might be called a messenger, courier, driver, shopper, server, or even a dasher. It’s all the same job – on-demand delivery.

Where else can you be your own boss, work only when you want to work, and still collect a paycheck? Does this sound better than a 9 to 5 gig? That’s because it is. Become an on-demand delivery courier today.

Quick Facts About On-Demand Delivery Jobs

Job Title: Driver, Courier, Shopper
Office: Your City
Location: Major metropolitan areas where on-demand delivery companies operate
Description: Pick up and drop off products for delivery
Requirements: Vehicle, Background Check, Age
Potential Employers: On-Demand Delivery Companies
Pay: Up to $25 per hour PLUS Tips

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