Distance Learning Programs

Let’s face it – it’s rare when a college student can devote all their attention and energies on their studies. In today’s world of student loans and work study programs, time to devote to school is rapidly shrinking. Yet, the costs of tuition, room and board, books, lab fees, and other assorted expenses are rising exponentially. What’s a poor college student to do?

There’s a simple solution- distance learning.

What is distance learning? Distance learning is defined by OnlineDegreeZone as, “…a formal education process where the majority of the instruction occurs when the instructor and student are not in the same location.”

Basically, that means you can be at work, home, or abroad, and still get credit for assignments and classroom participation.

Plus, with some distance learning programs, time is not a factor, meaning that you can set your own pace for learning and turning in assignments, leaving plenty of flex room for life’s little surprises to come along.

You can easily choose your educational program by searching your school’s course list. Also, you can pursue an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and/or Doctoral degree. Nearly all degree programs offered in traditional learning institutions are also offered via virtual classroom, such as Business Administration, Nursing Degrees, Law, Healthcare, etc. One can even go to Culinary School online.

There are several different types of distance learning classes tailored to fit students’ various lifestyles and educational needs. Depending upon your program, class assignments can be turned in via blog, email, or good ol’ fashioned snail mail. Lessons are facilitated through Live Chat, Web Based Training, Instant Messenger, DVD/CD-ROM, textbook, or a combination of several of these methods. You might be required to actively participate on class message boards for credit, or merely post your assignments for your instructor’s perusal. NOTE – Check out online classroom instructor jobs on our job board.

The best part about distance learning is that you set your own pace. Take one or five classes per semester. Work on assignments in bulk or one per week. Attend virtual class at midday or midnight. And never have to worry about finding parking on campus again.

Through distance learning opportunities, that nightmare about coming to class in your pajamas can actually become a pleasant reality.

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