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Most people spend 8 to 10 hours per day sitting at a desk or commuting to a run-of-the-mill day job close to where they grew up. Why not buck the trend and pursue a job on a cruise ship? That’s right: trade the office environment for an international adventure!

There are more job opportunities than you think! The largest cruise lines operate fleets ranging from 2 or 3 ships to more than 20. And luxury cruise liners need between 500 and 1,200 crewmembers to take care of the ship and its passengers. From bartenders and activity staff to dining room and hotel staff, cruise lines need the widest variety of people.

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Explore the industry right here on JobMonkey. We’ve given you access to helpful information ranging from an industry primer to position profiles and job search tips – get started below! Also, find job openings with the industry’s top employers right here on JobMonkey.

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Cruise Line Primer

Working on a cruise ship is a dream for many. Make it your reality! Don’t ship off before going through JobMonkey’s industry primer.

Cruise Line Pursers are Respected for the Amount of Responsibility they Have

Positions on Cruise Ships

Check out all types of shipboard jobs, listed by cruise department. These are a few popular positions – but we profile many more!

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Best Cruise Lines to Work For

JobMonkey profiles the best employers in the cruise industry. Learn what each company has to offer and search their latest job openings.

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Get a Cruise Job

You’ve decided to work for a cruise line? Now it’s time to make it happen! Check out JobMonkey’s advice. Plus – new listings in the Job Center.

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