English Teaching Jobs in Asia

Each year, North Americans from all walks of life travel to Asia to work as English teachers. Many don’t have teaching credentials and very few speak any Asian languages. What’s the attraction? How do they do it?

Teach Conversational English in China Ad

The simple fact that these people are native speakers of English enables them to earn wages of $30, $40, $60, even $100 per hour! And you can do it, too! JobMonkey will show you all the information you’ll need to begin a successful search for a teaching job in Asia. written by people who have actually taught, studied, and traveled throughout the Far East, these pages will give you the inside track on everything from booking an inexpensive flight to finding the hottest night spots in Bangkok. You’ll also learn about finding a good, high-paying job, locating inexpensive living accommodations, calling home at the cheapest rates, getting around Asia’s big cities and visiting the most interesting attractions, knowing what to look for in a teaching contract before you sign it, getting a visa, and where to go to study an Asian language.

Concise and comprehensive, JobMonkey’s Teaching English in Asia section will give you all the essential facts you’ll need when considering English teaching jobs in:

This section is packed with job search information, facts about each country, tips to help you choose a good employer or get work as a tutor, as well as extensive interviews with teachers who relate their experiences of traveling to Asia for the first time.

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