September 19, 2008

Friday Link Love

TGIF, huh? I’m planning on fully enjoying my weekend, with apple picking and an art festival.  I’m just hoping the weather holds out. If it doesn’t, I’ve got plenty of good reading to keep me busy, including some of these great stories and posts I found this week:

  • Since we talked about resume writing, I’ve been on the look out for some more helpful info on the topic. Here’s a great article I found about the Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when writing your resume.
  • According to a Massachusetts study, the #1 thing people are looking for in an employer is company culture. Not money, not prestige, not a generous benefits package. More than anything, this study finds, people want to feel good about where they work. What do you think? Does this jibe with your goals? Or are other factors more important to you right now?
  • I’ve also been worrying thinking a lot about how the financial news of the week is going to affect America’s job market. I found a lot of comfort in this Forbes piece by George Mason University economics professor Donald J. Boudreaux. He tells us why we are NOT headed for another Great Depression, explaining:

The most obvious and important difference is in the labor market. While today’s unemployment rate of 6.1% isn’t sterling, it is magnitudes lower than the double-digit rates (as high as 25%, in 1933) of the Depression. Unless and until this rate reaches, say, 15% or higher, comparing today’s economy to that of the 1930s is a hysterical exaggeration.

  • Elsewhere on the web, Career Hub has some great ideas for how to get through a lay-off.  Sital’s advice is aimed at Lehman Brothers employees, but I think it applies to anyone suddenly forced to look for a new job.
  • Working Girl Karen Burns wrote back in March about how to survive an instable job market. I wanted to revive this older post because her simple advice is so very solid: save money and pay down debt. Good tips for weeks like this one!

Happy reading and have a great weekend!  We’ll see you back on Monday.

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