GAPbuster Worldwide Mystery Shopping

GAPbuster Worldwide is an international company that helps its clients monitor customer satisfaction. A number of strategies are used to collect this important information, including:

  1. Analytics
  2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  3. Mystery Shopping
  4. Staff Satisfaction Surveys

The company is dedicated to helping its customers provide the highest quality customer service to their customers. A client company dealing with GAPbuster is looking for accurate information delivered promptly. GAPbuster provides services to clients in the following industry sectors:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Financial Services
  3. Hospitality
  4. Petroleum
  5. Retail
  6. Telecommunications

Mystery Shoppers at GAPbuster

GAPbuster is always looking for people to become mystery shoppers. People who would do well in this role have the following traits:

  1. Able to Follow Instructions Carefully
  2. Able to Meet Deadlines
  3. Eye for Detail
  4. Reliable

Mystery shoppers who work for GAPbuster must also have an active e-mail account and access to the Internet. A printer is also required, since the mystery shopper will be asked to print out the details of his or her assignment.

This a flexible way to earn some extra money, and mystery shoppers can choose to take as many or as few assignments as they wish. Most assignments must be completed on a set date and within a set time, and mystery shoppers must read the instructions carefully to ensure that they will be available at the appropriate time.

Once the shopping trip has been completed, the mystery shopper has eight hours to complete and submit his or her report to the company.

The rate of pay varies, depending on the assignment. Mystery shoppers working in Canada or the United States can expect to earn between $10-$17 per assignment. Funds are directly deposited to the mystery shopper’s bank account on a monthly basis.

How to Sign Up as a Mystery Shopper with GAPbuster

People who are interested in becoming a mystery shopper with GAPbuster are invited to fill out an online application form. The applicant is asked to select their country and language. Once this information has been provided, they are asked to provide their name, date of birth, and e-mail address.

Once a person has signed up to be a mystery shopper with the company, they are asked to complete an online training program. The modules include practice observing events during a shopping trip and completing a virtual evaluation. The new mystery shopper will also be asked to complete short quizzes during training.

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