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About GBW

Mystery Shopping is a research methodology used to measure and improve the quality of the customer service experience provided by retail outlets. Mystery Shopping help companies to measure their performance in the customer service they provide.

GBW is a world leader in Mystery Shopping and has organized over 14 million mystery shops for some of the world’s largest brands.

We recruit and train people like you to be an evaluator. You then go to one of our clients’ stores and act as a customer, making enquiries or legitimately shopping for products. You will then complete an online survey about your experience and are rewarded by GBW with cash payments, purchase discounts, and/or reimbursements.

What does Mystery Shopping involve?

The typical process of Mystery Shopping involves:

  • Registering on our website
  • Logging on to the Evaluator Portal
  • Completing the orientation and training modules
  • Searching and selecting assignments
  • Downloading, printing and reading your instructions
  • Visiting and evaluating the outlet
  • Submitting your results within 8 hours
  • Uploading your receipt within 8 hours

Why should I work for GBW?

Many secret evaluators join up because they like shopping, others because they want to contribute to the ongoing improvement of service. Some simply enjoy the flexibility GBW provides.

You can work when and where you want, as much or as little as you like. The flexibility of Mystery Shopping means a job can be scheduled for a lunch break, between classes, at night, in the morning, on the weekend or between errands. All we ask is that you’re focused, detailed, have a good memory and are reliable.

Why should I work for GBW over other Mystery Shopping Companies?

With so many Mystery Shopping companies to choose from, what sets GBW apart from the rest?

GBW set’s itself apart in these ways:

  • They are a global company. They have offices around the world and work in over 100 countries.
  • They are reliable
  • They have over 18 years of experience

Where can I work as a Mystery Shopper?

GBW Mystery Shopping services are operating in over 100 countries worldwide, and will likely be operating in your local area. We represent a range of industries and can provide you with a variety of Mystery Shopping assignments. Our growing client list will ensure a versatile assignment base for you to choose from.

The Employee Experience at GBW

Retail auditors are professional and observant, able to work autonomously and with initiative to ensure that the audit process is carried out fairly, thoroughly and efficiently. GBW auditors are selected only from the best of our mystery evaluators to complete audits for our clients. Auditors undergo training, assessment and certification. Use your time as a Mystery Evaluator gaining the relevant experience and honing your expertise.

Ideal Candidate for Mystery Shopper and Customer Feedback Jobs at GBW

  • Reliable
  • Contactable
  • Eye for details
  • User friendly with technology
  • Submit reports on timely manner

Types of Jobs Offered at GBW

  • Audit Program
  • Mystery Shopping – Get paid to simply go and take pictures of the store and ensure they are meeting the standards.

How to Apply?

Apply through our website via the button below:



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