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About Nations Roof

Nations Roof is one of the largest and fastest growing prominent commercial roofing contractors in the country. Nations Roof was founded to give today’s businesses a clear choice for trustworthy, cost-effective roofing solutions due to our emphasis not just project based: we work to understand the budgets, solutions and maintenance that fit best with all roofing assets. At Nations Roof, our expertise is in every type of roofing, waterproofing, coating, green and metal system application while embracing safety as an important part of a job well done. We can offer more than a job….we offer a challenging career in a company that values our employees, provides training and professional growth.

The Employee Experience

Looking for a job where you can point at churches, hospitals, military bases, restaurants,
shopping malls, sports stadiums, etc. and say, “I helped build that”?

Nations Roof is proud to offer full service commercial roof repair, replacement and creative building envelope solutions across the nation. We focus on safety, quality, and customer service while utilizing state of the art technology to get the job done. Our employees are Dedicated, Committed and Team-Oriented.

If you’re looking for a career with growth potential roofing may be the next step for you if the following appeals to you:

  • Not tied to a desk every day
  • Ability to work your way up through the ranks, using both your mind and hands.  It’s up to you – your skills make it happen.
  • You get to see your immediate results from your work.  Every day you get to see the progress you and your team made.
  • Everyday is something different with an opportunity to learn something new
  • Travel opportunities

Types of Positions We Offer

Every position in our company is crucial to day to day operation, here are a few to think about:

Field employees are offered real-world experience covering all aspects of roof installation including, safety training, quality management, roof installation skills, roof installation techniques and diagnostic skills.

Roofing Foremen apply their technical commercial roofing knowledge while ensuring proper roof installation and crew training. Responsible for directing a crew maintaining their assigned project and communication with guidance from the Superintendent.

Roofing Superintendent oversees foreman and multiple site plans to ensure work is preformed safely, efficiently and monitoring quality of installation is up to company and client standards. Manage and coordinate job details and communication between field, office and client for proper job completion.

Roofing Project Manager is responsible for over site, planning, implementation, and tracking on multiple large scale roof projects from beginning, to end. Including but limited to safeguarding customer satisfaction, profitability and future progress improvements.

Roofing Estimator computes cost factors and prepare estimates used for management purposes such as planning, organizing and scheduling work; preparing bids; equipment and materials; selecting vendors or subcontractors; and determining cost effectiveness.

Other Positions Offered:

Management Roles:
General Managers
Operations Managers
Project Managers
Service Managers
Roof Inspectors

Office Support:
Staff Accountants
Office Managers
Customer Service Representatives
Project Coordinators
Assistant Project Managers
Assistant Estimators

Sales Representatives
Territory Sales Representatives
National Account Managers

Roofing Foreman
Roof Mechanics
Service Technicians
Crane Operators
Sheet Metal Installers

How to Apply

Visit our website at and to check out available positions in your area.

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