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Alaska’s seasonal workforce is like no other! Between May and September, the state’s tourism industry is absolutely bustling, and there aren’t enough Alaskans to fill job openings. Several large employers run lodges, bus and rail tours – these companies recruit thousands of people from the lower-48 for jobs ranging from drivers and chefs to servers, front desk staff, and baggage porters.

Then hundreds of small companies need staff for cruise ship operations, city tours, gift shop sales, food & beverage services, and more.

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Ask anyone who has done it and they’ll say the same thing: a summer job in Alaska is unforgettable. It’s more than a job because you’re meeting interesting people and seeing amazing things – think Wildlife and Glaciers – while also earning a paycheck.

Take advantage of JobMonkey to learn which jobs are available, when to apply, and to find the latest openings.

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Get Acquainted with Alaska

Head north to Alaska for a summer job and you’ll never forget it. Between May and October you’ll find tons of job options!

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Types of Jobs

Tourism is a huge business in Alaska! Indoors or outdoors – take your pick. Here’s a sampling of common job categories.

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Employment Niches

Which tourism sector fits you best? From seafood industry jobs to rafting and ziplining, Alaska summers rule.

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Find a Job

Large and small – there are seasonal tourism companies of all sizes in Alaska. We profiled several top employers here.

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