Oil and Gas Jobs

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There are more oil and gas jobs available than applicants. This is a fact. If you’re looking for work, entry-level or professional, then consider heading to the oilfields. From Canada’s oil sands region to North Dakota, Texas, Brazil, and beyond … opportunities are everywhere.

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Rig Jobs

Looking for entry-level jobs? Many oilfield workers get started on drilling rigs. Begin as a roughneck or floorhand and work your way up the chain.

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Refinery Jobs

Refineries offer a variety of specialized jobs as well as jobs requiring no college degree. Opportunities worldwide with top oil and gas employers.

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Pipeline Jobs

From construction to maintenance, pipeline operators are always hiring. Jobs range from welders and pipeliners to engineers and technicians.

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Canada's Oil Sands Jobs

Employers in the Athabasca oil sands region of Canada often scramble for workers – Canadians and others. Remote locations but excellent pay.

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