Green Collar Jobs Overview

For years the environment was an overlooked problem in our country. As a nation that always looked outward for its troubles, the environment wasn’t getting the attention it deserved: the attention needed to protect and save it. This changed in the early 21st century with the emerging threat of global warming, culminating in national attention with Al Gore’s documentary The Inconvenient Truth.

As we all know, during an election year political hopefuls soapbox (and battle) over many important topics. This year, an issue that has, for what seems to be the first time, been brought to the foreground is the emergence of the Green Jobs industry.

Alternative Energy Sources - Solar Power Panels with Wind Turbine

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during their campaigns declared green collar jobs as essential to their energy plans. Now, green jobs are talked about every day in the media.

The green jobs industry is emerging across the business landscape in America. Not only are companies like electric and power giant GE and oil and gas power BP going green, but hundreds of new renewable energy and scientific companies each year are joining the green revolution. The common goal of all these companies? Protect and sustain the environment.

In this section of JobMonkey you’ll learn about:

  • Many different kinds of green collar jobs
  • College programs designed for people interested in environmental jobs and green careers
  • Hot ‘green’ energy sectors such as wind and solar power, biofuels. Find out how to get a wind power engineering job, for instance.
  • Green legal and green architecture jobs. Environmental lawyers are in high demand.
  • The latest in green chemistry discoveries and environmental science

There’s no doubt about it, “Green” is a word being thrown around a lot. And the types of jobs in this section are a lot different than oil jobs in our Oil section. Concert promoters are marketing their green events, one can purchase green furniture and build an environmentally friendly home, and on and on. Now is a great time to look into green jobs available worldwide.

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