June 12, 2009

10 Career Peeps to Follow on Twitter

If you are looking for a new job or just want to stay on top of the rapidly changing job market, here is a list of the best 10 people to follow on Twitter*. (What? You’re not on Twitter yet?

Head on over there to get yourself an account and start tweeting! It’s fun, but even more important, it’s a great way to network.)

*in no particular order

1. Lindsey Pollak (@lindseypollak) – You know I love Lindsey, because I’m always linking to her posts. She is the author of the book Getting from College to Career and a regular contributor to ABC News on Campus 4. She’s got lots of great insights for recent grads who are job searching.

2. Alison Doyle (@alisondoyle) – About.com’s guide to Job Searching, Alison tweets great job search tips, including how to use social media, improve your resume and cover letter, and ace a job interview.

3. Heather Huhman (@heatherhuhman) – One of the best voices helping Gen Yers find internships and entry-level jobs.

4. Susan Joyce (@jobhuntorg) – Since 1996, Susan has been the owner of an award-winning employment portal, Job-Hunt.org. Great resource on everything employment-related.

5. Debra Wheatman (@DebraWheatman) – Debra is a career strategist, resume writer and featured blogger at vault.com. You’ll love her tweets on job searching, goal setting, resume writing and more.

6. eExecutives (@eExecutives) – eExecutives is a professional technology recruiter and job hunting coach, with great tweets about networking for your next job online.

7. Miriam Salpeter (@Keppie_Careers) – Miriam is a resume writer and career coach who tweets about everything and anything related to job searching. I especially love her thoughts on interviewing!

8. Jason Alba (@jasonalba) – Jason founded JibberJobber, a great job searching website, and wrote two of the books listed in our online bookstore: I’m on Linked In-Now What??? And I’m on Facebook-Now What??

9. My First Paycheck (@myfirstpaycheck) – Check out their website and then follow them on Twitter for advice and resources about finding your first job. Great for teenagers or the parents of teens!

10. JobMonkey (@jobmonkeynews) – Yes, that’s the JobMonkey, but hey, I’m entitled because it’s my list! We just joined the Twitter revolution, and now we want you to join us! Follow our tweets about new job opportunities, new content section launches, and more.

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