June 22, 2014

10 Hard To Fill Jobs

We all know someone who is unemployed. Being unemployed is frustrating especially when there are thousands of job listings out there. Even with a large pool of job seekers, there are plenty of hard to fill jobs.

A study by Careerbuilder shows that at least 1/3 of companies have positions that haven’t been filled in at least 12 weeks. That’s nearly 3 months that a job listing is out there waiting for the perfect applicant. Are you that applicant?

Many of these hard to fill jobs are in technology, health care, sales, and a few other areas. Some of the jobs are skilled positions or require a a specific education, but that doesn’t make them totally out of reach. Companies realize this and are more keen to offer on-the-job training than ever before. Now is the time to apply for these positions.

Here’s are 10 hard to fill jobs:

These jobs are so in demand that companies are recruiting throughout the entire year. They are in demand for a wide variety of reasons. It’s in your best interest to pursue these jobs. When you land one of these jobs, you’ll be in a secure profession that needs you. Build your resume and skill set so that you have the talents that companies need. It’s the best career move you can make.

If you want to apply for these hard to fill jobs, stop by the JobMonkey Job Board to see job listings in many of these niches. You can search for these specific jobs or browse jobs by industry.

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