October 23, 2013

The 10 Top Paying Companies

Pay is always a big factor when you’re searching for a job. Money is the reason that we go to work. It allows us to afford the hobbies, lifestyle, and products that we enjoy. The amount of money you need depends on huge variety of factors – location, family life, health, etc. Everyone has a different annual salary that they consider to be ideal, but there aren’t too many people who will argue with the opportunity to make a bigger paycheck and a chance to save.

Your salary will depend on your job title, your experience, and of course, your employer. There are some employers who are known for paying their employees very well. According to Fortune on CNN Money, here are the ten top paying companies of 2013 and their average base pay:

  1. Bingham McCutchen LLP – $216,000
  2. Alston & Bird – $182,394
  3. Perkins Coie – $165,815
  4. Arnold & Palmer LLP – $160,000
  5. Hilcorp Energy – $159,944
  6. Devon Energy – $155,838
  7. EOG Resources – $138,495
  8. Cisco – $135,653
  9. Hitachi Data Systems – $134,752
  10. SalesForce.com – $129,157

Read the article on CNNMoney to learn more about these companies. Whether you want to work in sales, oil and gas, social media, engineering, or law – there are lots of high paying opportunities out there. These companies are a good place to start your job search.

If making six figures is something you want to do, why not apply for a job with one of these top paying employers or gain the experience you need so that you can work for them in the future? Try the job board to start your job search today.


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