December 22, 2013

Why Working Out For 20 Minutes Will Change Your Life

Are you tired? Stressed out? Grumpy? Does it feel like life is a bit of a drag? Do you wish that you were a bit more chipper and energized? Did you know that it’s easy to feel better physically and mentally each day? All you have to do is try working out for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately for most of us, our jobs dictate a sedentary lifestyle. We sit during the commute. We sit at the desk. We come home and sit on the couch. It’s quite boring and quite unhealthy. It’s up to you to find 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes is not a long time. It’s 1.38% of your day. That’s less time than most people spend eating breakfast, watching tv, or driving to work. That 20 minutes is time well spent.

A recent study at the University of Vermont says that a moderate intensity workout will improve your mood for the next 12 hours. Plus working out can greatly improve your health and make you smarter. Sign me up!

Don’t get nervous about a moderate intensity workout either. That only means that your heart rate should be between 100 and 120 beats per minute. And it’s only for 20 minutes. You can bike, jog, swim, or do anything else that will raise your heart rate. Do you have a favorite activity?

Working out doesn’t have to exhaust you. It only has to get your body ready for the day. It’s kind of like coffee for the mind, but the effects are worthwhile and last a long time.

Seriously try working out each day. It’s probably best to do in the morning because it’s a great way to get a jump on the day. Try  to spend at least 1.38% of your day getting some exercise. It does wonders for you are  person. Don’t you want to improve your energy, personality, attitude, and intelligence? You can even make more money! It seems like a no brainer!

Wake up earlier and try working out. Do it for one month and it will become a habit – a good habit that makes you a better person. It will even help you be more focused on your job search.

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