November 9, 2010

4 Steps to Making Money on Etsy

You can always spot the arts and crafts type.  They’re the ones on the couch Sunday afternoons knitting their own hats and scarves for Winter. Or the ones who give out homemade quirky picture frames or sparkly earrings for their friends’ birthdays.

Whatever your craft might be, there comes a point when you wonder: What am I going to do with all the stuff I have made? Not every ones’ kitchen cabinets can hold ten years of painted pottery.  That’s why is so useful.

So many people are looking for cool art to color their lives, whether it’s a practical quilt or one of a kind napkin holders.  So get started, and get your crafts out there, and turn what started as a relaxing therapeutic hobby into a career — or at least a steady-stream of side income — turn to etsy, the ebay for crafters.

Once you have created your profile, it only cost 20 cents for every item you upload, so there’s virtually nothing to lose.  Here are four more tips to get you started on making money by selling crafts on etsy.
1. Be Special

Right now there are 79,00 Afghans being sold online.  That means a.) people must like Afghans and b.)   There’s a lot of competition.  So make sure your art has something special and unique about it.

2. Be Picture Perfect

Like dating websites, etsy is one place people are for sure judging by the picture, so a quality photo is key.  Check for uncluttered backgrounds, proper light, and play with creative ways to display your item.  If you are selling clothes maybe find a cute little kid to model for you.  Make your art come to life.

3. Be Precise

Be specific when you are describing your product.  Tell the customer the exact size, color, material, uses for the product, who might like it.  Don’t be too wordy, just something short, catchy, and informative.  Example: Funky sterling silver and rose quarts chandelier earrings.  Perfect for going out and special occasions.

4. Be Affordable

If you wouldn’t spend it, they’re probably not going to buy it. I know what it’s like putting your heart and soul into a piece–it hurts to sell it off so cheap.  So do a little research, check out how much people are sell their pieces for, and try to be competitive with their prices.  Stay somewhere within the middle range that would cover your costs and materials.

Have you every sold your work on Etsy? What are your tips for making money off your crafts?

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