April 27, 2014

8 Learning Strategies To Learn Everything Quicker

Are you a quick learner? It can be challenging to learn something new. It takes time, practice, and effort to pick up new skills, but learning is essential if you want to be successful in the job hunt or the workplace. Every job requires that you are constantly learning.

It’s easier to learn something new if you have all of the time in the world, but most of us do not. Luckily there are a few learningstrategies from our friends at Business Insider that will help you learn how to develop your skills quicker.

Below are 8 learning strategies that can make a real difference in your life:

  1. Ask “Why” Five Times – Asking why will help you understand the problem. It can help you breakdown the issue and fine tune where you need to focus your efforts.
  2. Be Positive – There is no quicker road to distress and failure than being negative. It makes you anxious and burns up your mental energy. Keep smiling and be positive.
  3. Practice. Practice. Practice. – It’s easy to learn something in theory, but there is no substitute for getting hands on. It opens up different ways for the brain to remember things.
  4. Discuss With An Expert – Experts know their stuff and can usually break things down into simple, easy to understand terms. Take an expert out to lunch and see if they can help you boost your learning potential.
  5. Be A Team – Find a friend who is trying to learn the same thing as you. Join forces and see if you can help each other see the whole picture.
  6. Ask Questions – Don’t pretend you know something. Ask questions until you truly understand.
  7. Draw It Out – Grab a napkin. Draw a picture and write down what you know. Draw a picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. The process will help your brain develop the skills in a new way.
  8. Work Hard In The AM – Your brain is freshest in the morning. Try to learn the challenging stuff then.

You can learn more about learning strategies on the original post. Which of these learning strategies are you going to take and apply? Try them all and see what works for you. With a bit of effort and a focus, they will help you pick up new skills quicker than ever before. It may even help you get a raise or find a job.

Hopefully these learning strategies will help you become a faster learner and boost your productivity. Good luck!

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