What is an Enhanced Employer Profile?

We will develop a highly engaging detailed profile of your company on JobMonkey. Your profile will include photos and/or videos and information about working at your company that will draw in job seekers looking for your type of employment opportunities. This is a highly effective and very cost-efficient way to have an on-going recruiting message while also increasing your brand exposure on JobMonkey.

BONUS: Save 20% Off of Job Postings – Yes, employers who have an Enhanced Employer Profile save 20% off our standard job posting rates.

What is on an Enhanced Employer Profile?

Your profile will contain the following information about your company/organization:

  • Company Introduction and General Description
  • Description of Your Ideal Candidate and/or a Description of Your Company Culture
  • Employee Experience and/or Why Should a Job Seekers Work at your Company/Organization
  • Room & Board Details (Mostly used by Seasonal Employers) – But can also include details about the area around your Company’s Location
  • Employee Perks & Benefits
  • Transportation Details (Mostly used by Seasonal Employers)
  • Types of Jobs You Offer
  • Months of Operation (Mostly used by Seasonal Employers)
  • How to Apply
    • Includes a link to your website, your job listings on JobMonkey (if you have any), and your Online Application (if you don’t have one, we can build one for you).
    • We can also include your contact information if you want (name, phone # and email address).
  • Photos, Videos and Logo
  • Social Media Widgets to help build buzz about your company
  • Google Map with your Location

Enhanced Company Profiles are mobile responsive, so they also look great on mobile phones and tablets.

Profile are also SEO optimized for even more exposure on Google and other search engines.

Where is my Profile listed on JobMonkey?

Your profile is listed in the most relevant content section on JobMonkey and is linked to throughout JobMonkey.

How if my Profile Promoted?

Your Enhanced Company Profile will get great exposure throughout JobMonkey.com.

Here are some of the ways we promote Enhanced Company Profiles:

  • Cross Linked throughout JobMonkey.com
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Promoted across our Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube).
  • Promoted regularly in our Email Newsletter (over 100,000 subscribers)

Enhanced Employer Profile Examples

Here are a couple examples fo recent Enhanced Employer Profiles.

What does it take to get My Enhanced Employer Profile published on JobMonkey?

It is real easy to get your Enhanced Employer Profile up on JobMonkey. We do most of the work for you. We just ask you to fill out a questionnaire and provide us will some assets (photos, a logo and videos (if you have any)).

Your JobMonkey Account Rep will get your Profile live onto JobMonkey usually within three business days.

Enhanced Employer Profile PricingCost
3 Months$500
6 Months$700
12 Months$1,000


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