Job Slots – What are they?

JobMonkey is now offering job slots, so we thought it would make sense to provide a quick overview of job slots.

What are Job Slots?

Job slots, a.k.a. concurrent postings, reoccurring postings, or even “digital real estate,” are essentially reserved spaces for job postings for a 30 day period.

As opposed to a single job posting, which you would put up on a job board for a standard amount of time (usually 30 days), a job slot allows you to post, re-post, and replace jobs as much as you like. You have a designated space on in JobMonkey’s JobCenter that you can use however you need.

How do Job Slots Work?

Job posts are the job ads you create to attract candidates. Job slots represent the number of jobs ads you can have active on the job boards at any given time. For example, if you are on a JobMonkey plan with 10 job slots, you can post 10 jobs today and replace them with 10 different jobs tomorrow without needing any more slots. You can freely swap jobs in and out of these slots by closing and posting jobs as needed. If you need additional job slots, just contact your JobMonkey Account Rep and we can activate more job slots on your account.

Why are Job Slots Popular?

As any hiring manager can tell you, hiring isn’t a one-size-fits-all process – especially in small businesses. One job might take two days to fill. Another might take three weeks. Job slots let you post when you need, for as long as you need.

Job slot allows you to post, re-post, and replace jobs as much as you like. An added benefit of job slots is that you can tweak and re-post a posting if it’s not performing well.

If you are posting your jobs to JobMonkey via a Feed or if we are “mirroring” your job board or job listing on your website, you can simply just update the jobs on your website or feed and your jobs will automatically be updated on JobMonkey.

Contact JobMonkey, if you would like to try out our Job Slots or have any additional questions.

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