February 1, 2015

Spotlight: Alaska Fishing Deckhand

The fish-rich, icy waters off the coast of Alaska supply the world with delicious seafood products. Every season, thousands of people flock to Alaska to find work in the fishing industry. These adventurous job seekers are keen to work hard and earn big paychecks.

Learn more about Alaska Fishing Industry Jobs

One of the most coveted Alaska fishing industry jobs is that of a deckhand. Alaska fishing deckhands work on fishing boats harvesting fish. Their office, their life, and their paycheck is on their boat. Deckhands earn a percentage of the boats total catch. The more you catch, the more you make. During a big season, deckhands can easily pull in upwards of $5,000 per month to start. Wow!

Thousands of boats hit the coastal waters of Alaska each year to catch salmon, halibut, black cod, pollock, herring, crab, and other delicacies. Every boat needs a handful of brave souls to work as deckhands. Deckhands work long, hard days in dangerous conditions. In fact, Alaska fishing jobs are often ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the US.

Deckhands spend their days harvesting fish and tending to the boat. They must have long-lasting endurance to work 18-hour days in inclement weather. Deckhands must be armed with a sturdy pair of sea legs, a personality that never complains, and a get it done attitude. It’s a demanding and dangerous gig.

Finding an Alaska fishing deckhand job is very competitive. Most people get their start in the Alaska fishing industry by working at onshore processing plants first. There are lots of entry level jobs in this niche.  During a season in a cool Alaskan coastal town, you can gain experience and meet the right people to land on offshore job on an Alaska fishing vessel as a deckhand.

The Alaska fishing industry offers a great lifestyle and the potential for outstanding paychecks. Being an Alaska fishing deckhand is a cool seasonal job that can last a season or a lifetime. Are you ready to seek out an Alaska fishing industry job? Check out job listings at AlaskaJobFinder or head over to the JobMonkey Job Board to find fishing industry jobs.

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