April 7, 2009

In the News: Southeast Alaska Tourism Taking a Hit

The reverberations of our nation’s economic recession are being felt around the country — including the northernmost state of Alaska. Alaska’s biggest tourist season is the summer, which typically sees droves of visitors coming for cruises, train tours and adventure vacations. This summer, however, early numbers are down — and travel experts aren’t optimistic that they will bounce back in time.

As a result, Alaska’s tourism industry is likely going to cut back on the number of seasonal employees it hires.  Which means, if you are thinking about trying to find a summer job in Alaska, competition will be fiercer than ever. Companies are hiring now, however (as witnessed by the growing number of Alaska summer jobs posted on JobMonkey’s Job Center), so get out there!

To learn more about Alaska seasonal employment, checkout JobMonkey’s sections on Alaska summer jobs and Alaska fishing jobs.

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