February 23, 2014

Working In The Alaskan Fishing Industry

Alaska is a place where everything is larger than life. When you think about Alaska, you might picture endless mountain ranges, meandering coastlines, winding rivers, massive glaciers, or roaming wildlife. Maybe you’ll  imagine a great job because Alaska is full of awesome jobs – especially in the Alaskan Fishing Industry.

The Alaskan Fishing industry operates year round, but reaches it’s peak during the endless light of summer. Now is the peak time to find work in this lucrative industry. It may be snowing where you live, but now is the time to starting thinking about your Alaskan Fishing job.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish And Game, the Alaskan fishing industry creates 78,500 jobs and contributes $5.8 billion per year to the economy. That’s big business. The Alaskan Fishing industry pays its workers well. This carefully monitored industry fishes for salmon, pollock, car, halibut, cod, sablefish, and shrimp. Coastal Alaska is certainly a hot spot for fishing and for jobs.

Thousands of people are needed in ports up and down the Alaskan coast. Imagine working and living in a port town like Ketchikan, Homer, Seward, Kodiak, or Valdez. Hard workers are needed both on boats and in the processing plants. People work around the clock to keep this business booming. The majority of jobs are seasonal, but some lucky folks can find work year round.

Heading to Alaska to work in the Alaskan Fishing industry is an absolutely fantastic way to earn a paycheck. If you’re interested in working in the Alaskan fishing industry, you must check out JobMonkey’s Alaska Fishing Jobs Industry Guide. It’s full of useful information about working in Alaska, processing plants, boat jobs, Alaskan locations, and different Alaskan Fishing jobs. It’s the perfect resource for anyone searching for a job in this cool niche.

Once you explore what a job in the Alaskan fishing industry truly has to offer, you’ll be keen to heading to Alaska for the summer. Be sure to apply for jobs in the JobCenter. You can try to find jobs with some of these cool employers:

Traveling North to work in the Alaskan Fishing Industry can be a life changing experience. Spending the summer working on the docks, in the plants, or on the boats is a cool way to earn your next paycheck. Remember that many employers are based in Seattle, WA. When you’re ready, start applying for Alaska Fishing Industry jobs on JobMonkey.

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