August 2, 2013

Tap Into Your Alumni Connection

Networking is one of the most vital parts of the job search. Luckily, if you attended high school, college, or a graduate program you already have an incredible network of people in your circle of contacts – your alumni connections. Think of all of the people you crossed paths with during all those years of education. Those people are now scattered all over the world doing a vast variety of jobs. The alumni connection is one of your most valuable networks.

Most schools keep a database of contacts for alumni. Whether you went to Yale, NOLS, or your local community college, or high school – you have an alumni network. It’s important to stay active with your alumni. Keep in touch with friends. Contribute to alumni emails or publications.

Technology makes it much easier to do this. Head over to LinkedIn and Facebook. (You should have accounts with both of these if you are searching for jobs.) If you search your previous schools, courses, and organizations, countless alumni will come up. Send your fellow alumni a note and you’ll have hundreds of legitimate contacts in minutes.

Track your fellow classmates on the internet and contact them regularly so they know what you are up too. Stay in touch because it will make it easier to ask them for a professional favor down the road. Life is all about who you know and you never know who might be able to help you.

With a stronger network, your job search may even be easier too. Have you applied for a job lately? Try the JobMonkey Job Center.

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