November 14, 2013

The Best Oil Industry Jobs

When people think about oil jobs, dollar signs come to mind. It’s true that oil jobs pay incredibly well. In North Dakota, the average oil field worker’s annual wage was $112,462 in 2012. Entry level workerss average about $66,000 per year. Can you make that much in your current job? Here’s the inside scoop on the best oil industry jobs.

A cool article from The Fiscal Times titled, 10 Highest Paying Jobs In North Dakota’s Oil Boom, breaks down the jobs where you’ll make the most money. Here’s the list of the best oil industry jobs:

  1. Drilling Consultant – $238,697
  2. Directional Driller – $192,799
  3. Foreman/Superintendant – $182,483
  4. Workover or Completion Driller – $151,947
  5. Reservoir Engineer – $149,611
  6. Rig Manager – $140,560
  7. Geoscientist or Geologist – $126,575
  8. Coil Tubing Specialist – $106,976
  9. Well Control Specialist/Well Tester – $102,868
  10. Stimulation Supervisor – $101,703

The top ten jobs all make over 6 figures. That’s a lot of money, but oil work isn’t for everyone. It requires hard work, long hours, and is physically and mentally challenging. Most oil workers log 80 to 120 hours per week in all sorts of weather conditions. It’s darn tough, but the paychecks make it worth it.

Learn more about the Oil Industry on JobMonkey.

There are many oil and gas companies around the world. You can work on the oil sands, pipelines, or offshore. It’s exciting work and there are plenty of jobs available. Here are some of the oil and gas employers that have job listings on the job board:

Do you want to apply for some of the best oil industry jobs? Is it time to start your oil and gas job search? We think so.

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