August 23, 2015

Do You Live In One Of The Best Towns In The USA?

Where do you live? Do you love it? Or would you be happier someplace else? Where you live has a direct impact on your overall happiness. It’s kind of a big deal!

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If you’re considering relocating for work or play, why not choose to live in one of the best towns in the USA? We stumbled across a very cool article from Outside Online that spotlights America’s best towns. Can you guess what town topped the list?

Should You Relocate For A Job?

Outside Magazine started with 64 cool towns. Then people just like you voted on their favorites. The winners are outdoor and cultural hot spots that feature delicious restaurants, an abundance of public lands, close proximity to trails, a hopping beer scene, thriving colleges, bumping music venues, and other attractions. Basically the best towns in the USA totally rock.

Based on popular votes, the best towns in the USA include:

16. Lake Placid, New York
15. Bar Harbor, Maine
14. Rochester, Minnesota
13. Annapolis, Maryland
12. Spearfish, South Dakota
11. Middlebury, Vermont
10. Boone, North Carolina
9. Pagosa Springs, Colorado
8. Beaufort, South Carolina
7. Flagstaff, Arizona
6. Athens, Georgia
5. Glenwood Springs, Colorado
4. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
3. Iowa City, Iowa
2. Port Angeles, Washington
1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Head over to to learn more about each town. Find out what makes it unique and awesome. You’ll be impressed with every town, but there’s certain to be one town that you’ll thrive in.

Discover The Best And Worst States To Make A Living

Use this list of the top towns in your job search. Maybe it will help you find your dream destination or focus your job search on cool locations. Of course, don’t rule out other hidden gems that are scattered across the USA. There are so many cool places that you can live.

Are you ready to find a job in one of the best towns in the USA? Best of luck!

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