February 11, 2018

Spotlight: Ethical Hacker

Computer hackers have a bad reputation. These cyber outlaws hide behind computers in far-flung locales and commit crimes against unsuspecting victims. That’s not cool at all. They are the criminal masterminds behind identity theft, computer viruses, corporate espionage, political tampering, data tampering, email fraud, credit card theft, and plenty of other technology based crimes. These crimes must be stopped, but who’s going to fight cyber crime?

Hacker without face working on laptop

Ethical Hackers are the good guys. Ethical hackers, or penetration testers, use invasive computer hacking skills to test security systems to expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system. When they find a problem, it is then addressed so that computer hackers can’t manipulate the technology and wreak havoc on the system. Being an ethical hacker is kind of like being a technology superhero.

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It’s not easy to become an ethical hacker. If this job sounds interesting to you, you’ll need to master a variety of computer skills. To be successful in this job, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of programming languages, coding, wireless systems, networks, and more.

Once you own the necessary skill sets, it’s smart to earn a certification from the EC Council. Once you have the resume, a wide variety of employers who are keen to hire you. Ethical hackers will collect paychecks from government agencies, social media companies, private firms, security consultancies, and other employers.

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As technology continues to advance, it plays a constantly growing role in our lives. This means that a career as an ethical hacker is here to stay. Learn the skills you need to pursue this cool career today and you’ll have a secure job for a long time. With a bit of experience, you can even make a six figure salary for keeping the world safe and secure.

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