September 29, 2013

Choose A Lifestyle, Find A Job To Match

Everyone wants to be happy. The question in life is what makes you happy and how can you make money doing it? It’s challenging to find a perfect match. One way to go about it is to choose a lifestyle that you enjoy and then find a job that allows you to live the life you love.

Remember that when you pick a career based on lifestyle, it still takes hard work to get there. You can’t become a successful billionaire overnight or a best selling author without being an anonymous writer for years before your big break? Be realistic when choosing a career. Consider the route to get where you want to go. Is it feasible?

What type of life do you want to live? Ask yourself lots of questions so you can paint yourself a legitimate picture. If you just want to eat banana pancakes and watch reruns of Murder She Wrote, it may be hard to find your dream job. Be realistic. Where do you want to live? What do you want to wear? How do you want to spend your free time? What are you good at? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you enjoy doing? Next consider different companies, locations, jobs, responsibilities, schedules, financial needs, family obligations, and sustainability.

Ask yourself will you be happier making $30,000 a year going surfing everyday as a surf instructor on the shores of southern California or Fiji or will you hate every minute of your work day as an accountant working 70 hours a week making $100,000 in a concrete jungle in Ohio? The job that you go to everyday is totally your decision. You need to weigh the options before you fully commit.

It’s hard to find the right job on the first try. In fact, switching jobs and job hopping may help you define what you truly want to do. Try out lots of different jobs. It may be best to start with a job that you absolutely hate so that you can truly appreciate the right job when you find it. Finding a job that makes you happy is important. You have to weigh the options of different careers and find one that offers the best work-balance for you.

You can find more info on How To Pick A Career You Actually Like on Lifehacker.

To find happiness, try new things. If you don’t try things, you won’t know what the best fit for you is. Spend some time and decide what type of lifestyle you want to have, then stop by JobMonkeyJobs to start your job search.


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