August 6, 2009

In the News: College students are flocking to green degrees, careers

If you are interested in earning green by going green, there is good news for you, according to a recent USA TODAY article: Students can choose from a variety of new “green” degree programs. The growth of the green collar job sector has led a number of colleges and universities to incorporate sustainability into their course offerings.

David Soto of The Princeton Review says student interest is driving colleges to create programs that offer training in sustainability. Two-thirds of students surveyed for the company’s recent “College Hopes and Worries” survey said a college’s “environmental commitment” would be a factor in where they applied.

According to the article, Arizona State University now has a School of Sustainability, which graduated its first class this past May. The School offers Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Science and Masters degrees, all of which take an interdisciplinary approach, blending science, economics, social studies and more.

Other schools, such as Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, are expanding their core requirements to include at least one class related to the environment. And at community colleges, such as Kalamazoo Valley, students are being trained for green collar jobs like installing and operating wind turbines.

Other popular green degree programs include:

  • BA and BS in Sustainability
  • MBA focused on operating sustainable businesses
  • Combined MBA and MA in Environmental Studies
  • Agricultural Technology with concentration in sustainable design

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