March 25, 2009

Hot Jobs 30: Communications Jobs

Hey job seekers! The week is halfway over. Has it been productive few days for you so far? If you’ve been visiting the JobMonkey blog for a while, you know by now that Wednesday is Hot Jobs Day.

Let us help you be even more productive in the latter part of your week by applying for one of these great jobs!

Every Wednesday, we spotlight three hot new jobs posted on the JobMonkey Job Center. The Job Center is a great resource for job seekers out there. We have thousands of jobs from around the country — and the world. Our list is updated daily and it’s a totally free service for job seekers.

This week is all about jobs in the field of communications. Whether you are the on-air type or the behind-the-scenes type, the Job Center is heavy today with opportunities for gigs in the broadcasting industry. If one of these three isn’t right for you, be sure to check out the dozens of other openings.

1. Board Operator / Audio Editor, ABC Radio Networks, Miami, FL

ABC Radio in Florida is looking to hire an audio editor to develop, record, produce and edit radio programs, station promos and more. The editor will also operate the control panel during live and taped shows. The ideal candidate will have at least a high school degree plus three to five years of experience with running a clean radio board shift. Computer proficiency is also required, including knowledge of Adobe Audition, VoxPro, ProTools and CD Recording. Also important are presentation skills, organization skills and time management skills.

2. Accounts Receivable Jobs, CBS Radio, Chicago, IL

CBS Radio is looking for a new accounts receivable professional. The person will be responsible for posting cash, invoicing and performing other daily receivables functions, including supporting the sales department as required. The ideal candidate will possess Excel proficiency and be a multi-tasker accustomed to working in an active environment. Knowledge of Oracle is a plus.
3. Systems Administrator Jobs, Fisher Communications, Boise, ID

The Idaho-based Fisher Communications is looking for a systems administrator to develop custom sales presentations, draft client proposals, maintain continuance of client’s accounts, pursue new accounts, and assist in collection of past-due accounts. The administrator will also work with the production department on pre- and post-production of commercials. The ideal candidate will have a high school diploma with a minimum of two years of sales experience. Also important are strong writing, presentation and organizing skills; proficient marketing techniques; experience working with the traffic software system WideOrbit; and a valid (and clean) Idaho Driver’s License.

Good luck with your job applications!

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