February 19, 2014

Find A Job With A Cool Retail Employer

The retail industry is everywhere. What would you do without mainstream malls, brand name chain stores, and online shopping? Retail plays a major role in our economy and in our lives. When was the last time you visited a grocery store, department store, jewelry shop, pet store, electronic store, clothing shop, gear shop, automotive store, or another niche store? All of these types of stores are part of the retail industry.

Did we mention that the retail industry is a great place to find work? The majority of people will work for a retail employer at some point in their working career. In retail it’s relatively easy to find a part-time job, a seasonal gig, or a successful career.

Learn more about the Retail Industry

Did you know that nearly 12% of all jobs are involved in retail? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 15 million people work in retail. It’s a multi-trillion dollar industry that is always in need of hard workers. The best part is that there are jobs with retail employers near you.

What retail employer would you like to work for? Here are a handful that we think are cool:

You can probably think of many other retail stores in your neighborhood. When you search for jobs with retail employers, you can find jobs like merchandiser, stocker, maintenance, security, clerk, manager, or numerous corporate positions. There are lots of options in the retail industry.

You can start your retail employer job search on the JobMonkey Job Board today.

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