January 15, 2015

Cool Trucking Industry Facts

How do you think your furniture, television, fruits and vegetables, mail, shoes, or light bulbs got to your house or the local store? Most likely on a truck. What do you really know about the trucking industry? We found a cool trucking industry infographic that takes a close look at the American trucking industry that you should check out.

Did you know that the trucking industry:

  • Makes up 83.7% of the revenue for the entire commercial transportation industry
  • Collects $650 billion in revenue annually – that’s 5% of the USA’s GDP
  • Will potentially grow by 21% in the next decade
  • Employs 761,850 tractor trailer drivers and 49,920 light truck and delivery drivers
  • Pays an average salary of $37,770
  • Transports $139,463,000,000 worth of shipped goods each year

Visit the infographic for more cool facts about the trucking industry like how many gallons of diesel fuel are used each year, how many truck tires are needed (and how much those tires weigh), how many 18 wheel trucks are registered in the US, the top states for truckers, and more. Not only are these trucking industry facts great conversation starters, but the infographic also provides a sneak peek into this transportation niche.

Learn more about the trucking industry

The US economy is growing and truckers are in high demand. Working in this cool industry is a smart decision if you want a reliable, secure job. According to CNBC.com, “America has more open trucking jobs than available commercial drivers.” As of last year, there were estimated to be over 30,000 open trucker positions. If you’re a good driver and can earn your CDL, you could capitalize on this driver shortage.

Are you ready to find a job in the trucking industry? Try these trucking employers:

If you want to learn more about the trucking industry, visit the Trucking Industry Guide on JobMonkey. You can discover info about pay, ice road trucking jobs, top employers, and different jobs in the trucking industry.  Apply for a trucking job on the job board today.

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