May 19, 2013

Creating A Video Resume

On a video resume, candidates can highlight their personalities, capabilities, and creativity in a visual resume. When recruiters watch a video resume they can see and hear applicants in a way that a paper resume doesn’t allow. It’s a fantastic creative outlet that will definitely make your job application stand out.

You can watch lots of video resumes online. Google “Video Resumes” and watch a few to see what video resumes are all about.

Videos are huge files, but some career sites do allow you to upload a video resume. It is always best to post your video resume on your personal website – then it can be accessed at anytime by anyone. You can also add a link to your video on your paper resume or a hyperlink in your digital resume for recruiters to click and watch it if they choose.

Inspired? Grab a video camera and create your own. It’s important to know your audience and employer. Focus your video on your niche and experience. Speak slowly, look at the camera, and be professional. Be sure to state your name and thank the viewer for watching your resume.

Video resumes offer you a chance to show off your personality. Personality can often be the deciding factor when you are searching for jobs. Here are a few tips to follow when you’re creating your video resume:

  • Be creative.
  • Don’t just recite your resume.
  • Use images and be active.
  • Capture the recruiter’s imagination.
  • Sell yourself.

Remember that video resumes are a new trend. It doesn’t replace the old paper or digital copy of the resume. You should ALWAYS send a written resume in addition to your video resume.

Video resumes are a great way to show a recruiter your enthusiasm and desire. They literally open up a world of creativity for you to express yourself. Make a video resume and link to it the next time you apply for a job. It could be the deciding factor.

Why not spend your day creating a video resume? It’s fun and it’s worth the effort! Have fun.

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