August 17, 2014

How To Destroy Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Work is one of life’s necessary evils. You have to find a job to make money so you can support the lifestyle that you enjoy. If you are actively seeking a job, you should be able to find a job that you want.

All over the world, employers need people to do all sorts of jobs. Some are skilled positions and others are open to entry level workers. Many people get frustrated that they can’t find work, but maybe they are doing something wrong or maybe they just don’t want a job. There are plenty of land mines out there that will totally destroy your chances of getting hired. Simple things can destroy your chances of getting hired – things you don’t even know that you’re doing.

It’s much easier to NOT get the job, than to get the job. In fact, it only takes one little misstep and you don’t stand a chance of getting hired. If you want to find a job, the job search starts right now – long before you even send in an application. You have to walk a fine line to ensure that you will ultimately be hired.

Here are a few things that will destroy your chances of getting hired:

  • Body Language – Body language is a major form of communication. Eye contact, posture, fidgeting – it all reflects on your professionalism.
  • Web Presence – What happens now will be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tomorrow. Recruiter’s will see what you’re up to outside of the office. Monitor pictures, comments, and suggestions so you can maintain the image you desire.
  • Resume Mistakes – There are countless articles and books about how to write the perfect resume. Fine tune, customize, and polish yours up before you send it off.
  • Thinking Unrealistically – If you’re holding out for management or a six-figure salary, get real. You have to start somewhere and work your way up to the big leagues.
  • Not Researching Anything – A little bit of research goes a long way. It’s a vital component to the job interview. You need to know your product, your company, your job, and yourself if you want to be successful.
  • Not Following Application Rules – If the recruiter wants a portfolio sent in via snail mail, do it. If they want your resume in PDF format, do it. The recruiter makes the rules and you have to play by them.
  • Unwilling To Gain Experience – Experience is necessary in the workplace. Internships, apprenticeships, volunteering, entry level jobs – take what you can get to ensure your foot is in the door and then see what happens.
  • Lack A Network – Life is all about who you know. Take the time and energy to build and maintain your network. These are the keys to making professional connections.
  • Being Late – If you’re not early, you’re late. Be on time – it shows respect, professionalism, and eagerness.
  • Lying – Honesty is always the best policy. If you lie about one thing, you’ll lie about another. Be honest, even if the truth hurts a bit.
  • Providing Poor References – The people who vouch for you can make or break your chances of getting hired. If your high school physics teacher hates you, do NOT ask him for a reference.
  • Answering Your Phone – Our phones are always chirping and chiming in our pocket. When you’re in a professional setting like an interview or an office, turn the phone off and absolutely do not answer it.
  • Looking Sloppy – Your appearance matters. If you are planning to wear your cut off jeans, wine stained t-shirt, sweat filled cap, dirty flip flops, and smell like last night’s party maybe you should reassess what type of job your looking for.
  • Making Inappropriate Comment – People hear what you say. If you’ve got a bit of a potty mouth or like to throw in a four letter word in to every sentence, please don’t.
  • Acting Sketchy – Recruiters want stand up employees. If you are hesitant or nervous during the interview, the recruiter may wonder what you are really trying to hide.

Whether these things happen online, in the job interview, at the office, or somewhere else – be aware of who you are and what you do. It sounds easy to avoid these things, but just one mistake in any of the above categories will destroy your chances of getting hired.

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