August 1, 2009

Distance Learning More Popular Than Ever

The job market is softer than it has been in decades and more and more people are returning to school. For many, the motivation in going back to school is to inoculate their careers.

For others, it’s just a friendly place to wait out the recession. Whatever the reason, the higher education boom has been felt across the spectrum, but nowhere more so than in online education.

According to the Sloan Consortium, online education grew much faster in 2008 than brick-and-mortar schools. There’s been a major jump in enrollment for online colleges, with some websites reporting 18 percent or more.

And it’s not just for-profit online universities that are growing. Traditional universities are getting in on the distance learning action. The budget crisis facing state universities will likely drive the number of online degrees up as well — since per student, it costs a university significantly less to offer an online course, especially when that class is repeated numerous times.

Does going back to school online sound appealing to you? Here are some great links you should check out:

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