April 9, 2014

Employers In The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a global powerhouse. It designs, develops, manufactures, markets, transports, and sells motorized vehicles all over the world. Companies like Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Lexus, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Nissan, Volvo, Suzuki, Chrysler, Tesla, Honda, GM, Porsche, and others produce 10’s of millions of motor vehicles every year.

The automotive industry impacts the entire world. Where would you be without passenger vehicles, SUVs, commercial vehicles, buses, and heavy trucks? Can you even imagine your life with the automotive industry? Transportation as you know it would be drastically different. The automotive industry is so big that there is even an entire section of the Wall Street Journal devoted to this cool industry.

It takes an dedicated team to bring a motor vehicle from an idea on a sketchpad to a street safe motor vehicle. Designers, engineers, factory workers, marketing specialists, writers, customer care specialists, test drivers, mechanics, salesmen, and heaps of other job titles make this industry tick. The automotive industry is a cool place to make your living. There are plenty of cool jobs, great employers, and room for growth.

Below are a handful of cool employers in the automotive industry. Select the links below to  browse some automotive job opportunities:

There are plenty of other automotive employers too. The automotive industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. Get involved in this industry sooner than later and you could have a very productive career.

The automotive industry has a direct impact on your life. When you work in this exciting industry, your hard work will have a direct impact on the world. Are you ready to start your automotive job search?

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