January 19, 2014

Choose Environmentally Friendly Employers

Do you want to work for an environmentally friendly employer? Every year more companies are going green. It’s a popular trend that truly impacts all of us. Choosing to work for one of the greenest companies is a smart decision.

Being an environmentally friendly employer means that companies use renewable energy sources, reduce their fossil fuel consumption, decrease greenhouse gases, use recycled materials, or build eco-friendly products. Going green is a very cool trend. It is definitely something to consider during the job search.

The following list of Green Companies is compiled by Newsweek for 2012. The list is based on the company’s environmental footprint, impact, management, and transparency. It is focused on publicly traded companies in the US. That means that many smaller, environmentally friendly employers like Patagonia or New Belgium Brewery did not make this list. Learn more about how this list is compiled here.

Here are the top 25 greenest companies according to Newsweek:

  1. IBM
  2. Hewlett-Packard
  3. Sprint Nextel
  4. Dell
  5. CA Technologies
  6. Nvidia
  7. Intel
  8. Accenture
  9. Office Depot
  10. Staples
  11. EMC
  12. Microsoft
  13. Cognizant Technology
  14. Hartford Financial Services
  15. McGraw-Hill
  16. Manpower
  17. Citigroup
  18. Baxter
  19. Cisco Systems
  20. Motorola Solutions
  21. Autodesk
  22. Google
  23. Best Buy
  24. American Express
  25. Allergan

Countless other companies are known for being leaders in the green niche such as Maker’s Mark, Walt Disney, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Coca-Cola, or Boeing. Get the entire list of the top 500 greenest companies. The greenest companies cover a wide variety of industries – healthcare, media and publishing, information technology, retailers, financial, and aerospace. Environmentally friendly employers are everywhere.

Being environmentally friendly is not just a marketing ploy. Going green means that these companies are focused on being sustainable and committed to the environment. That makes for a cool employer and typically a cool work vibe.

If going green is important to you, then search for environmentally friendly employers on the job board or you can search for green jobs.

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