August 2, 2013

Get Ready For The Exit Interview

An exit interview is a final interview between an employee and employer prior to the employee leaving the company. It’s a way to explore the reasons why an employee is leaving the company. If you’ve ever left a job for any reason, you’ve probably had one of these.

Exit interviews are an important part of the employment cycle. Typically exit interviews happen in person and there is a written record signed by everyone involved. They provide useful insight into what worked well, what was valued, and ways to improve upon the situation. It allows an open channel for communication between the employer and the employee to exchange feedback and bring closure to the professional relationship. The ultimate goal is to make both parties better.

Exit interviews may be a big deal if you suddenly quit your job, because the employer wants to know why. They may just be part of the routine if you’re a seasonal employee at the end of summer. Before you head into your exit interview, be prepared. Often employers have a series of questions they will ask, such as:

  • Why are you leaving?
  • How do you feel about this company?
  • What could we have done better?
  • What does your new employer offer that we don’t?

There are more exit interview questions courtesy of that can help you prepare. Also have a list of questions prepared that will help you.

It’s not a stressful situation, but it is a valuable one. You can learn how to improve and how you performed. Plus you can offer your employer information on how to reduce employee turnover and improve their operations in the future.

Eventually you’ll have an exit interview. Go in prepared and you’ll get more out of it. You never know what you’ll learn or how you can help. It may even help you  find your next job. Start your search on


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