Scholarships for College

In the United States alone, more than $3.4 billion is awarded annually to 1.5 million scholarship winners.

College Scholarships, like grants, are money for college that does not need to be paid back.

Scholarships come from a variety of sources, including the college you attend, clubs and organizations you belong to, and private scholarship foundations you apply to. All of these funders are choosing to use their money to support students with a particular set of skills, experiences or other assets. Some scholarships are awarded to the best essayist on a set topic, while others reward the most creative video; some want the highest GPA, others look for the most talented orators or musicians.

How do I find college scholarships?

Your college financial aid office is a good place to start. So is the Internet. Type in “scholarship search” on Google and you’ll get more than 5 million hits. While not all of these sites are reputable or worthwhile, the Internet is a trove of valuable information about locating free money for college.

How do I know if I qualify?

Every scholarship has its own eligibility qualifications. Some are strictly merit based – they are looking for the best petroleum engineering student, clarinet player or rising basketball star.

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