December 8, 2017

How To Find A Job Without The Internet

Where do you find your information? If you’re like everyone else in the world, you immediately head to the Internet anytime you want to know something. It’s incredible how much information is available with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a smartphone. There’s no doubt that the Internet has changed the way the world works.

Man in suit holding up a sign that says " I Need Job."

Do you remember a time when there wasn’t an Internet? It’s kind of hard to imagine a world that isn’t totally wired and connected, but it used to exist and it wasn’t that long ago. Back in the ‘good old days’, job seekers had to find a job without the Internet. It may sound crazy, but this old fashioned job search methods still work today.

The job market is tough, the job competition is fierce, and the number of cool jobs is limited. Is it really possible to  find a job without the Internet? You bet it is. Try using:

All of these job search methods still work today – and none of them require the Internet. When you’re searching for a job, don’t get lost in a sea of career sites, social media, job boards, and emails. Instead get back to basics and try to find a job without the Internet. It’s not as hard as it might sound.

We all know that the Internet opens up all sorts of opportunities for job seekers and you should absolutely take advantage of the Internet, but don’t let the Internet be the primary source of your job hunt. Get out and log some face time, grow your network, and find a job the old fashioned way. It really does work.

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