April 6, 2014

11 Ways To Get Your Boss To Like You

Everyone has a boss that oversees what they do on a daily basis. How’s your boss? How do you get your boss to like you? Having a healthy and friendly relationship with your boss will help make your life a bit easier. Whatever job you have, it’s important to get your boss to like you.

You spend approximately 1/3 of your time in the workplace. It’s important to get along with your co-workers – especially the boss. The boss is the most important person at the office. They control your workload, free time, raises, references, promotions, and more. Spend the time to win your boss over and get on the boss to like you.

Here are some great tips to help you to get your boss to like you:

  1. Do Your Work Effectively and Efficiently – Nothing is going to get your boss to like you more than doing  work  properly, on time, and error free. Being a hard worker is one of the most important ways to get ahead in your career.
  2. Establish Common Ground – Create a relationship with your boss that’s non-work related. For example, if your boss loves fly fishing, do a bit of research so you can carry a conversation about fly fishing. Ask about new gear and hot spots. Be friends with your boss.
  3. Be On Time – Always be timely for every event. Live by the motto – “If you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late.”
  4. Ask Questions – Never assume things. Take the time to get the right info. It will save you big headaches later on.
  5. Make The Boss Look Good And Make His Job Easy – Take responsibility for your own actions, but also help your boss out if he’s in a bind. The less the boss has to do, the better for you.
  6. Avoid Office Politics – Gossip and politics are the bane of every office. Be the bigger person and always strive for healthy relationships with your co-workers.
  7. Communicate – Determine the best way to communicate with the boss. Does he like emails? Phone Messages? Post-It Notes?
  8. Be Humble – Even if you’re the world’s best at something, don’t get a big head.
  9. Be Open To Feedback – If you’re boss gives you some constructive criticism, don’t take it personally. Adapt and do it that way next time.
  10. Say Thank You – Do you appreciate it when someone thanks you? Your boss does.
  11. Keep It Pro – Establish and a maintain a professional, yet fun, relationship.

Be genuine in your approach to these tactics. Analyze and grow your professional relationship with your boss. Take the time to get your boss to like you.

If your boss doesn’t like you, then maybe it’s time to find a new job. The JobMonkey Job Board is a great resource for your job search!

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