May 4, 2014

12 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World

Where in the world do you want to go? The world is a big place. It is full of endless miles of shoreline, countless mountain peaks, tons of big cities, undiscovered wilderness, and romantic small towns. If you want to travel the world, there is plenty to see and do.

Unfortunately, it is expensive to travel the world. The price of airfare, hotel rooms, transportation, activities, and food all add. It can quickly make traveling the world a ridiculous idea. Unless you have a job where you get paid to travel the world.

Our friends over at Business Insider, recently wrote an article entitled 12 Ways To Get Paid To Travel The World. Obviously when we saw this we had to share it with you!

Here are 12 jobs that allow you to travel the world:

  1. Tour Guide – Everywhere you go you can take a guided tour. If you’re a fan of foreign culture, famous places, and scenic vistas then try to find a job as a tour guide.
  2. Volunteer With WWOOF – No this doesn’t have anything to do with dogs. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF, allows volunteers free room and board in return for farm work.
  3. Teach English – You can go just about anywhere as an English teacher. Share your mastery of the English language by earning a TEFL certificate and the world will be yours.
  4. Get A Job In Import-Export – People love exotic gifts and fun trinkets from around the globe. Why not be the person that brings cool things back to the States to sell. From Turkish coffee to Indian rugs this sales niche allows you to go just about anywhere.
  5. Research and Write a Guidebook – One of the hardest parts about traveling is knowing what to do and where to go. Why not be the person that tries out every activity and tells others?
  6. Be A Flight Attendant – There are thousands of flights crossing the skies everyday. Everyone of them has a dependable crew of flight attendants on board. After taking care of the passengers and the plane, those flight attendants get to enjoy the destination.
  7. Get A Cruise Line Gig – There are countless cruise line jobs. If you want to work in magical places like Alaska, the Caribbean, Australia, the Mediterranean, or Hawaii then this is the job for you. Every port has something cool and exciting to explore.
  8. Blog About Traveling – How many blogs do you read? If you can write, then share your travel adventures with the world. It takes some leg work to build your site and personal brand. Do it right and the pay off is incredible.
  9. Find An Au Pair Job – Are you a fan of kids? There are plenty of opportunities to work abroad as an international caretaker.
  10. Be A Destination Wedding Photographer – Can you capture the magic of the moment? Couples pay big bucks for photos of their wedding day. Why not work in this niche and hit up some breathtaking wedding venues?
  11. Sign Up For The Peace Corp – The Peace Corp is a full on multi year commitment. It is a fantastic character and resume builder. Plus, it sends you to remote regions of the world. It’s your job to dedicate your time and energy into projects that help boost the livelihood of those places. Talk about rewarding!
  12. Write A Book – This one may be a bit of a long shot. If you’re handy with a word processor, why not write your travel narrative about your favorite destinations. If it’s a hit, you’ll have an awesome passive income stream for the rest of your life.

No one gets to travel the world for free. All of these jobs require you to get hired and be a hard worker. That’s the way of life. But work hard and then you can play hard too.

You can learn more about the jobs that pay you to travel the world on Business Insider.

The world is a magical place that deserves to be explored. Where do you want to go? How are you going to make that happen? Why not find one of the jobs listed above and apply? Did you know it’s easy to search and apply for these jobs on the Job Board?

Only you can make your dreams come true. Find a job that allows you to do what you want to do and then you’ll be happy.

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